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For 24 hours of surveillance around your home, office, and other places, you need a camera that can work efficiently and keep your property safe and secure. Arlo Pro 3 is a reliable name that comes to the mind whenever you think of the installation of cameras for security reasons. Undoubtedly, you’ll get several benefits with the installation of this camera, such as:

  • Color Night Vision
  • Advanced object detection
  • Cloud storage
  • Waterproof wire-free cameras
  • High-quality 2k Video
  • Smart A.I. Features
  • Simple to Install and Use
  • Easy upgrade existing Arlo owners

Arlo Pro 3 Camera Setup with Base Station

While setting up the Arlo 3 camera to the base stations, users encounter some technical hassles. You can go through these given steps to connect your camera to the base station.

  • To set up the base station, you’re first needed to unlock the battery compartment. Just hold and slide the latch to unlock it.
  • After this, use your fingers to slide and lift the battery door to open the battery compartment.
  • Now, you have to put the batteries inside and then close the battery door.
  • After inserting the battery, you have to keep the camera within three feet to the base station.
  • The next step is to sync the camera to the Arlo base station. If you are Arlo Pro base station, then you have to press the button available on the base station and then release it after 2 seconds.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes to check the sync status flashing green.
  • On top of the camera, you have to tap the Sync button for two seconds and release it.
  • Now, don’t forget to check the camera LED status on the base station.
  • If you can see the camera LED turning solid green on the base station, the sync process is complete.

This is all about syncing and completing the process of Arlo Base Station Setup.

Connecting Camera to the Internet

  • At first, connect the base station to the router with the help of a high-quality Ethernet cable.
  • Now, connect the base station to the power adapter.
  • Through the On-Off button, you need to switch on the base station.
  • Now, wait for 2 minutes so that the Internet and power LED turns green on the base station. For a single LED station, you have to wait for turning it blue.
  • At last, the base station is connected to the Internet and ready to use.

If you get confused in any of the steps you can Contact Us, Now you can also chat with us.

Note: Above information, reference is taken from Arlo official website


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