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Arlo Base Station Review: Uncovering the best security camera system

When you need a simple yet effective security camera system and to communicate with the cameras, then the first name that comes to your mind is Arlo. It is an advanced security camera and other devices that offer loads of advanced features like leave a message, silent mode, and quick response. Most of you have a lot of expectations pinned to your security camera system. Well, Arlo fulfills those expectations by offering the doorbell features that answer the door when you are not at home. There are times when you want to know who is at the door before receiving the person. Arlo has a solution to this issue also. With Arlo, you receive a phone call when someone presses the doorbell. To communicate with these cameras, you need Arlo Base Station

Arlo Base Station


Arlo Base Station.

It is designed for all the arlo camera devices. The Arlo base allows the Arlo cameras to link securely. It is a very limited router that sets up for the sole objective to attach the cameras to the internet. A user needs a USB drive for video recording if he is using a Pro system. The video that is recorded to the cloud it records locally. If there is any interruption then the video is available locally but not available on cloud storage. You can eject the drive and watch the video on any device. 

There are two notifications are possible upon recording and detecting motion. On the mobile device, you will get the push notification. Get email notification when the video is uploaded to the cloud. You will get the link to view the video.

  •  It has a durable construction.
  •  Has an attractive appearance.
  •  The battery charge lasts for a long time

USB Recording Available

USB Recording

The best aspect of Arlo is that it offers cloud-based recording. If you feel the need, you can record the USB simultaneously also. There are about two USB ports that are present in the rear section of the unit. The good news is that in the case of a power outage the USB recording will not get disrupted

Wi-Fi Video System

Wi-Fi Video System

TConnects securely to Wi-Fi HD online cameras via the internet with a home router of the end-user. The video system of the Arlo security system gives the facility to install cameras all around and breaks the traditional security camera’s mold. Both the devices base station and Arlo cameras are sold separately. It is like a stand-alone video system..


What are the use of Arlo Base Station?

1. It Connects Arlo Cameras Securely to the Internet

The Arlo base station designed to connect Arlo cameras to the internet with help of end-user internet router. it works as a mediator from your router to the camera so nobody can check or control your videos

2. Support USB Drive to Base Station to Record Video

through this feature you can record video in a USB drive, the best part is any interruption on the internet will not stop record video locally, you can view the recording by ejecting the USB drive from the base station so you can view them on a computer or laptop or USB featured TV anywhere you want

3. Notification features:

There are 2 notification features available: 

1.Push notification

You will get a push notification on the app installed on your phone as soon as video recording starts.

2.Email notification

After successful upload on the cloud, you will get an email with a view link.

How To Sync Base Station to Arlo Camera?

  •   Pull back and press the latch gently. Open the compartment of the battery.
  •     Now put the battery and close the door of the battery
  •     Bring the camera closer to the base station within the range of 1 to 3 feet.
  •     Press the Sync button for 2 second
  •     Wait for the LED. It starts blinking green
  •    On the top of the camera press “Sync” for 2 seconds and then leave it.
  •    If the LED turns into a green then your sync procedure is complete.
  •    Repeat all steps for all cameras. It is a process of about sixty seconds. 

Base station's Offline issues and its solutions

Arlo Base Station

Common Issues and Troubleshoots

  •   Reason 1: Sometimes the offline problems arise because the router firmware is not updated. 

Ans: You need to update it and connect your Arlo camera.

  •   Reason 2: Offline problems happen due to the wrong configuration.

Ans: It happens when you miss any one of the steps during the configuration procedure. You need to revise the configuration process.

  •  Reason 3: Due to bad internet signals.

Ans: This problem can be fixed by improving the internet signals.

Other basic troubleshoots


  •    Restart base stations if you face the offline issue.
  •    Check the ports 443 and 80. Make sure it is sure.
  •    Try to resync the camera
  •    There is no light in LED then make sure batteries are installed properly.

How To Reset Base Station

Reset Arlo Base Station
    •   Click or tap Settings, it is on the right of Mode and upper right
    •    Click or Tap the suitable camera, multiple cameras can appear
    •    Click or Tap Restart.
    •    Tap Restart and confirm it. It needs some seconds to complete the process for step by step guide please visit reset Arlo base station


There are times when you feel the need to review your security system. For that, Arlo offers exclusive fully dynamic and well built wireless security cameras with a mobile app so that you can check your home, office anytime and anywhere. The benefit of this practice is that you will have the confidence that your home is secure.

It comes with Arlo Base station a limited feature router device that helps your cameras to connect to the internet securely.