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Keep your premises on surveillance with top grade Arlo Security Camera

Arlo Security Camera is used as one of the best security camera systems to protect the home or business premises nowadays. And why not! The physical security of the premise is the requirement of every small and medium-size business. Safety is a matter of concern to everyone when they are not at home. Sometimes, we need a system that can keep an eye around our surroundings during our absence.

Safety is a matter of concern to everyone when they are not at home.

The concept of professional security guards has been a great solution. However, it is not always possible for the private security guards to keep an eye 24×7 on each & every corner of the premises.

The best and recommended an alternative to home security surveillance is to install home security cameras within the premises. Arlo has been giving one of the best video security surveillance services. However, the world is full of home security surveillance equipment. Still, the quality and efficiency offered by Arlo products are second to none.

Arlo Security Camera Setup is as easy as a common man could do it

As you already know why new age wire-free Arlo cameras are better than traditional video surveillance equipment. Arlo Security Camera Setup is also very simple; a typical user, having a bit awareness of a few guidelines, can get it done by himself. Some instructions on setting up and synchronization of Arlo wire-free cameras are mentioned below:

  • Unlock compartment of battery by sliding the latch
  • Slide back battery door & lift it up to open compartment
  • Insert batteries
  • Place the camera within 1-3 feet base station range
  • Synchronize base station & camera with one another by pressing sync button.
  • When status led rapidly blinks blue it means the sync is confirmed. Amber color means the sync is still not successful.
  • Check base station, if there camera LED blinks dark green it means the synchronization is successful
  • Follow these steps for each & every camera to complete the synchronization process.

What Is Arlo Camera Product?

Arlo cameras are products of Netgear that have a series of video surveillance equipment differing according to their efficiency, nature, quality, and durability. Arlo ProArlo Pro 2 are the two most sold camera products in the market. Customers across different parts of the USA have been demanding them on a continuous flow. Therefore they become prevalent camera versions as a result of this much success.

What does a complete Arlo Product contain?

Users have different package options to purchase Netgear Arlo Pro Security Cameras. You can either buy a single camera or a complete set. The base station comes along with each camera set as an integral part. Along with it, you will find built-in siren, cable, adapter, Ethernet cable, security mount, start guide, battery pack & window decals. The mounting of these cameras is effortless owing to well-designed and technically improved magnetic mounts.

Pro & Cons of Arlo wireless security camera

The broad definition of home security cameras is regarded as the most prominent mean to deliver world-class home security assistance. There two kinds of home security cameras, one is traditional wired security cameras, and the second, an advanced set of wireless security cameras.

Traditional security surveillance devices are advantageous over wireless security cameras as thieves or intruders cannot tamper of creating unwanted malfunction to those. Also, there are very fewer possibilities to tamper these cameras remotely. However, wireless security cameras are more likely to be damaged due to the help of jammers.

But when it comes to point out the dark side of wired cameras, they are so many. The building infrastructure, installation, and maintenance cost of these cameras is very high. In short, we can say such a camera create great trouble even at the time when a tiny problem arises. Also, the possibilities of wire to be broken are too high; at the same time, to identify the main point of broken wire becomes a hard nut to crack for the troubleshooting team. From arrangements of cables to the new positioning, every phase needs special attention in case of a wired piece of cameras.

As a result, the solution finders mind moves towards a kind of home security camera solution, which is wireless and less likely to have tampered from remote. And when it comes to the name of Arlo camera products, they mainly fulfill both of the security needs very efficiently. That is the reason Arlo Security Camera is continuously maintaining its positive influence in the marketplace. Their sleek design, advanced technology, sophisticated appearance, and an excellent way of security surveillance have put them into the category of the most efficient video surveillance equipment.

What is Arlo Application?

Arlo application works as the best mediator between camera owner and the cameras. Arlo Cameras can be easily configured with Arlo App, which can be downloaded from the Apple App store or android play store. After the successful creation of an account, the user can easily set timers and decide the sensitivity level every time with a single tap. Recorded video clips can also be easily accessible through the camera anywhere across the globe you want.

Different Types of Arlo Security Cameras

In common, Arlo has eight common used Cameras and accessory products. Let’s discuss them one by one.


The initial version launched by Netgear security cameras was named Arlo. It is appreciated owing to its highly robust performance allowing high definition video recording up to 720P. It came into the market with its advanced features like motion detection and night vision. It is easily compatible with Arlo app through which all functions can be customized through the app.

Arlo Camera

Arlo Pro Security Cameras

Arlo Security Cameras

This second version and product of Arlo consist of all the features and characteristics of a previous version. In contrast, some additional useful features come here as an addon. Arlo Pro security cameras come with wide-angle PIR Lenses, which can detect motion spread across a broader area in comparison to Arlo’s first version. Other than this, the availability of a two-way communication system lets you communicate with visitors to your premises at the time when you’re not available there. Smart siren, advanced base station settings, and excellent backup features make this camera a better choice for protecting your home or business premises.

Arlo Pro 2

It is the latest product in the Arlo pro series that comes along with more brilliant features than both previous versions. The video quality is higher-1080 HD, active zone feature, and quick motion detection feature gives this Arlo Pro 2 Camera a commanding position in the marketplace. Three-second looks back, and an outstanding CVR system & on cloud storage facility are newly added features.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Go

Arlo Go

So, the Arlo Go camera product is a portable one coming along with progressive LTE wireless service technology. Transportation of the Arlo camera is hassle-free and have all the feature of pro video surveillance equipment.

Also, it is not constrained to the base station signal range, as it has its LTE network service facility. Registration with LTE sim card you can connect to the camera from anywhere.

Arlo Q

Arlo Q is an indoor video surveillance equipment that is very easy to use. To experience quality surveillance, you need to plug it from power sources, and you are ready to take advantage of its world-class features. Apart from this, it has high-quality video resolution up to 1080 HD, along with features like cloud storage, motion detection, night vision, two-way communication. It is also compatible with google’s assistant.

Arlo Q
Arlo Q Plus
Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus is the modified version of the Arlo Q product consisting of all features of the same version. Easy to connect Ethernet port is an added characteristic that makes you & your premises under the surveillance of internet-connected Arlo camera.

Arlo Baby

This unique product in the series of Arlo surveillance equipment is specially provisioned to take care of babies while they are alone in the room. It’s a unique rabbit shape design; night LED light and music player work as a piece of amusement for the babies. It comes with features like motion detection, infrared facility, exclusive night vision technology, voice communication, cry detection alerts, and many more.
Apart from this, it can play recorded lullabies to babies while they are sleeping. You can operate the Arlo app remotely, where you can monitor the activities of babies. Additionally, temperature levels, and other environmental conditions of the room where the baby is sleeping.

Arlo Baby Camera
Arlo Security Light
Arlo Security Light​

Arlo Security Light product is a surveillance product that is suitable to protect the premises during the night. It can produce 400 lumens of light; Along with this, it can detect movement with its motion sensors. In case it detects some suspicious activity of intruders, it starts flashing and sends alerts to the owners. Users can customize lights in various available color options.

This information is inspired by the mother brand Arlo.